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The Technology Behind the WinSet Punch Press

Our patented High Velocity Electromagnetic technology implements the power of speed rather than pressure. Combining the high performance of a precision die set with 750x more ram velocity than most conventional presses, the WinSet Punch Press is the ultimate machine press for many applications.

Burr Free Cut

Burr Free Cut

Burr Free Cut
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Longer Tool Life

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Virtually Maintenance Free

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Clean-Room Compatible

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Brute Force vs High-Velocity


Conventional pressure typically deforms the punch, die, and workpiece while rapidly wearing down the tool. This degradation occurs because of bending around the cutting zone and the heat propagation from the cutting zone into the surrounding areas.

brute-force punch press


The WinSet Punch Press only requires around a millisecond from start to finish of the cutting process. In this short time, the heat generated inside the cutting zone does not have the chance to propagate into the surrounding areas.

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We Have the Edge on Press Work

The innovative electromagnetic design of the WinSet Punch Press cannot be compared to any other press system on the market. Using ultra-high ram velocity (speed rather than pressure), our High Velocity Press produces the best edge quality possible with virtually any material. It uses no hydraulics, no pneumatics, and no mechanics, offering flawless operation. In fact, many of these systems are used in clean room environments to manufacture computer components, medical, and surgical products. High tool speed promotes enhanced tool life, allowing more time between sharpening requirements. Additionally, since there is only one moving part, our press systems are practically maintenance-free.

Commonly Asked Questions

The WinSet Press uses most standard piercing, blanking, compound and progressive dies.

The WinSet Punch Press can be configured for any voltage between 110 volts AC and 480 volts AC (50 Hz to 60 Hz, one to three phases). We recommend that you specify the highest voltage and amount of phases available in your facility.

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