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The Only Authorized Parts Distributor for WinSet and Lourdes Presses

WinSet Technologies is the sole authorized distributor of spare parts for Lourdes and WinSet punch presses. Unfortunately, this means that if you have recently purchased parts from an outside source, those parts are not covered by our warranty. To remedy this, we are offering free replacement parts for any unauthorized parts you may have purchased. Additionally, all parts purchased from WinSet Technologies include a 2-year replacement warranty.

Prioritizing the Safety and Success of Our Clients

WinSet and Lourdes presses utilizing counterfeit parts are subject to failure, damage, and potential operator injury. Therefore, our top priority is addressing the legitimate safety concerns associated with these black market parts. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, several companies reliant on WinSet and Lourdes punch presses were solicited and convinced to purchase the aforementioned counterfeit replacement parts.

Our Commitment to Quality

The proper functionality of Lourdes and WinSet presses can only be achieved with authorized parts supplied by WinSet Technologies. Our network of trusted vendors manufactures components using WinSet’s patented designs. Additionally, all our punch press parts and accessories are comprehensively tested, ensuring they adhere to our commitment to quality.

Our state-of-the-art development and manufacturing processes produce precision parts, optimizing your workflow while maximizing the efficiency of your production line.

clos up of inner workings of WinSet Electromagnetic Punch Press

Have You Recently Purchased Unauthorized WinSet or Lourdes Parts?

As previously mentioned, we are offering free replacement parts for any components purchased from unauthorized sources. Simply fill out the contact form below, or call (800)TO-PUNCH so we can assist you.

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