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Punch Press Operations – Coining and Embossing

While our high-velocity punch presses can perform a range of operations, this post will focus on coining and embossing. WinSet punch presses operate quickly and accurately, enabling our clients to produce precision parts and patterns.

Coining With the WinSet Punch Press

This metalworking process typically involves deforming material to create raised or sunken features. WinSet punch presses accurately produce these features, making crisp, burr-free cuts. By applying high pressure to the metal surface, the punch causes it to fill the cavity within the die rapidly.

Embossing With the WinSet Punch Press

Embossing is similar to coining; however, embossing generally produces shallower designs and may be used for decorative purposes or adding texture to surfaces.

Timex watch backs produced by coining with punch press

Some coining and embossing applications include:

  • Foil stamping
  • Textiles
  • Automotive components
  • Labels and tags
  • Industrial parts
  • Jewelry
  • Medals and medallions
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