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New Innovations From WinSet Technologies

As the only authorized distributor for WinSet and Lourdes punch press machinery, WinSet Technologies continuously develops new solutions to optimize your production workflow. We manufacture all punch press solutions for 100% compatibility with all WinSet, Lourdes, and Netronics press systems.

WS6000 Controller

WinSet WS6000 punch press Controller

Grid Voltage Supervision

The controller includes grid voltage supervision functionality, which monitors and ensures a stable power supply to the press. This helps maintain consistent performance and prevents any issues caused by fluctuating power supply.

Temperature Measurement of Coils

This feature is crucial as it monitors coil temperatures, ensuring optimal operating conditions and maximum press output while preventing potential issues caused by excessive heat.

All-in-One Control Button

The controller incorporates an all-in-one control button, providing seamless menu access and intuitive navigation. This simplifies the operation and configuration of the press, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Enhanced Display

The WS6000 controller offers enhanced display features, providing clear and detailed information about press operation, settings, and diagnostics. The improved display ensures better visibility and facilitates effective monitoring and troubleshooting.

Optional Extension Slot

This allows for an additional CPU module to be added. This feature enables expanded functionality, such as the ability to integrate an extended HMI, visualize and save data on production processes, wireless data exchange. It offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate specific needs and future upgrades.

Host Controller Connectivity

The WS6000 controller is equipped with host controller connectivity capabilities, enabling seamless integration with external systems or host controllers. This facilitates communication and data exchange, enhancing the connectivity and interoperability of the press in larger manufacturing environments.

Toggle Between Imperial and Metric Units

The controller provides the ability to display either imperial or metric units for measurements and settings. This feature allows easy adaptation to different measurement systems and ensures compliance with specific requirements.

DC Option Available

The WS6000 Controller can directly utilize the electrical power generated by solar cells.

WinSet punch press CE sensor

Robust CE Sensor

Our upgraded CE sensor has the ability to measure and maintain consistent punch velocity, which is crucial for achieving reliable and accurate results in punch press operations. By interacting with the WS6000 controller to monitor the velocity and make necessary adjustments, the sensor ensures that the punch moves at the desired speed and remains consistent stroke after stroke, regardless of external factors or variations in the production environment.

The enhanced ease of adjustment on our new CE sensor simplifies the process of aligning it precisely to the operating position. This feature can save time and effort during setup and reconfiguration, allowing press operators to quickly and accurately position the sensor for optimal performance.

The combination of velocity measurement, consistent punch velocity, and improved adjustment capabilities in the WinSet CE sensor contributes to the overall performance and efficiency of the punch press. It helps maintain quality, precision, and productivity in the manufacturing process while providing an improved user experience for operators.

punch press enclosure

Upgraded Heavy-Duty System Table

Our enhanced Heavy-Duty System Table individually encloses the selected air feed for optimal isolation performance for your application while providing maximum protection.

Seamless and Solid Punch Press Enclosures

Our upgraded press enclosures are individually manufactured to complement existing and new Heavy-Duty System Tables. WinSet press enclosures are equipped with several intuitive features, including:

  • Light curtains
  • Doors
  • Safety interlocks
  • Sound-dampening material

We can also incorporate additional features tailored to your specific requirements.

Optimizing Your Punch Press System

To ensure the optimal functionality of your press system, we have advanced measuring equipment that visualizes both sound and vibrations. This enables us to pinpoint any issues and implement correlating countermeasures.

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