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Precision Parts Manufacturing – WinSet Press Specializations

Why Does the WinSet Punch Press Excel at Precision Parts Manufacturing?

Zero Deformation

Its electromagnetic force application and adiabatic process work harmoniously to eliminate any undesirable material deformation during cutting, resulting in flawless edges, burr-free cuts and ultimate tool life.

Complex Geometry Preserved

Parts with complex geometries are accurately produced without warping or distortion.

Uniform Edge Quality

The press’s minimal deformation strategy ensures uniform edge quality across precision parts, eliminating inconsistencies and irregularities.

Critical Fit and Function

Parts intended for precise fit and functionality remain unaltered by deformation, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into larger systems.

Material Integrity

The press’s deformation control safeguards the material’s integrity, preventing unwanted stress or structural weaknesses in the manufactured parts.

Cost-Efficient Design

The press’s ability to maintain dimensional accuracy minimizes the need for costly rework or post-processing, resulting in cost-efficient manufacturing.

precision metal part produced by punch press
tiny precision metal part produced by punch press

Precision Part Manufacturing Examples

Gear Components

Precision gear teeth and components for various machinery and systems.

Electronic Connectors

Intricate connectors that may be used in electronics and communication devices.

Medical Instruments

High-precision components for medical equipment and devices.

Watch Parts

Microscopic components for precision timekeeping in watches.

Automotive Engine Parts

Precision parts for engines and powertrain systems.

Semiconductor Components

Components used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Injection Molding Inserts

Inserts for creating precise features in molded plastic parts.


Components for various types of precision bearings.

Telecommunication Components

High-precision components for communication systems.

Jewelry Components

Delicate components for jewelry making and design.

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