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Punch Press Components and Accessories – The WinSet Servo Feed

Servo feeds, also known as servo roll feeds or servo feeders, are highly accurate and controllable electric motors providing the necessary force to feed the material into the punch press. Servo feeds help optimize the workflow of your press system, enabling you to efficiently produce precision parts or other components.

The WinSet Servo Feed

Our Servo Feed is capable of feeding materials of various widths and compositions. Whether utilizing flexible materials or thicker, heavy-duty materials, the WinSet Servo Feed is up to the task. Additionally, we offer different coatings for the rollers. E. g. for applications requiring the protection of sensitive surfaces we recommended rubber-coated rollers.

At WinSet Technologies, we understand that even the slightest deviations when feeding the material can lead to unacceptable imperfections. This is why our Servo Feeds are built to maintain the highest accuracy. This video highlights the robust and reliable closing mechanism.

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