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Trimming With the WinSet Press in Cleanroom Environments

As mentioned in our previous post, Trimming With the WinSet Punch Press, our high-velocity press excels at various trimming applications. This post focuses on trimming applications in cleanroom environments.

Some Cleanroom Industries and Applications for Trimming and Cutting With the WinSet Punch Press

Semiconductor Industry

  • Precision trimming of silicon wafers
    • Fine-tuning for semiconductor wafer specifications
    • Customized trimming for specialized chip designs
  • Trim semiconductor components
    • Precision trimming for integrated circuits
    • Tailored trimming for semiconductor packaging
  • Additional semiconductor components, including:
    • Lead frames
    • Terminal forming and trimming
    • Green ceramics

Medical Device Manufacturing

  • Trimming components for medical devices
    • Customized trimming for device casings
    • Precision cutting for implant components
  • Precision trimming of implantable medical devices
    • Specialized trimming for biocompatible materials
    • Custom cuts for intricate medical components
precision part with tight dimensional tolerance

Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Trim packaging materials for pharmaceuticals
    • Precision cutting for clean packaging edges
    • Tailored trimming for blister pack materials
  • Precision trimming of drug delivery system components
    • Customized cuts for precise drug delivery mechanisms
    • Specialized trimming for pharmaceutical device components

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Optical Components

  • Trim optical components
    • Precision cuts for lens and optical system components
    • Custom trimming for optical alignment
  • Additional optical components, including:
    • Mirrors
    • Filters
circuit boards being manufactured in a cleanroom environment

Electronics Manufacturing

  • Trim components for electronic devices
    • Precision cutting for circuit board components
    • Trimming for electronic connectors
  • Additional electronic components, including:
    • Insulators
    • Switch contacts
    • Flex circuits

Renewable Energy

  • Trim components for solar panels
    • Precision cutting for solar panel materials
    • Customized trimming for solar cell components

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  • Trimming components for communication devices
    • Precision cutting for circuitry components
    • Customized trimming for communication device casings
  • Precision trimming of fiber optic components
    • Specialized trimming for precise fiber optic connections
    • Custom cuts for various fiber optic components

Streamlining Cleanroom Environment Manufacturing Processes

Industries requiring contamination-free environments to manufacture their products and components rely on the WinSet punch press. Our high-velocity electromagnetic technology enables you to adhere to sanitization standards while producing high-quality, precision parts.

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Blanking With the WinSet Press in Cleanroom Environments


WinSet Technologies, formerly Lourdes Systems, is dedicated to providing businesses of all types and sizes with industry-leading press systems and components. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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