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What Are Clients Saying About WinSet?

David Geduld – PTC Supply, Inc.

I bought my electromagnetic press almost 30 years ago. It’s one of the best purchases I ever made – it’s a work horse!

Greg Froebel – Auer Precision Co., Inc.

The edge quality on the WinSet-produced parts is as good as you will ever find. We constantly check for size, location, roundness, any kind of contamination or defect per our own quality plan. Actually, we’ve never had a rejection.

George Paszkiewicz – ITW Chronomatic’s Operations Manager

We have used two of your presses to make electrical terminals for attachment to our automotive mirror heaters. We are utilizing your two presses 7 day a week – 24 hours per day. To date we have accumulated 12.2 million hits on the first press and 4.6 million on the second. We have not had to stop running for die sharpening.

Bob LaRoche – Kenney Manufacturing Co.

We replaced 4 mechanical presses with 4 WinSet Press Systems a couple of years ago. Our operators and maintenance people love them because they run all day, every day, and keep on going. They require almost no maintenance.

Scott Cochran – CoorsTek

In addition to great edge quality, there is no hydraulic oil, no grease, no brake or clutch dust! WinSet Presses are inherently clean. They are the ideal presses for the electronic component manufacturing environment.

Steve Gross – GE Specialty Transformer

We’re setting new records every day. So far we have over 12 million hits on one of our WinSet Presses and haven’t had to resharpen yet!

Steel Heddle Corporation

WinSet High-Velocity Press Technology eliminated the burr problem in our stainless steel products which had plagued us for years!