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Blechexpo 2023 Highlights

As previously mentioned, Blechexpo is a global trade forum attracting leading experts and enterprises specializing in various sheet metalworking manufacturing processes, including:

  • Cutting and forming technologies
  • Profile and pipe processing
  • Semi-finished sheet metal, pipe, and profile commodities

Blechexpo (sheet metal expo) was held jointly with Schweisstec (welding technology), adding more industry professionals with expertise in joining and fastening technologies.

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Meet Us at Coiltech 2024

Coiltech launched in 2010, bringing together industry experts specializing in various areas, including:

The development, manufacturing, and maintenance of:

  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Power distribution
  • Industrial transformers
  • Drive solutions for electromobility
  • Commercial coils

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Production Line Efficiency – Clean, Burr-Free Cuts

Manufacturing precision parts requires precision machinery. Standard punch press machines typically cause burrs on sheet metal and other materials. Our patented high-velocity electromagnetic punch press helps manufacturers produce parts with clean, burr-free edges, saving time and money.

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Cutting Battery Components With the WinSet Punch Press

As we mentioned in our previous post, Battery Cell Manufacturing With the WinSet Punch Press, our press systems streamline the battery cell manufacturing process. This post provides basic information on cutting battery components with the WinSet high-velocity electromagnetic punch press.

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Lourdes Press Maintenance

Internationally recognized manufacturers have utilized Lourdes punch presses for over four decades. As owners of Lourdes press technology and associated patents, WinSet Technologies is the only company providing authorized, warranty-backed maintenance for both Lourdes and WinSet press systems.

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Advantages of High-Velocity Punch Presses

WinSet’s high-velocity electromagnetic punch presses produce 750x higher ram velocity compared to most conventional systems. Depending on your stroke and power settings, it takes as little as 15 milliseconds for the tool to complete the cutting operation and return to its original position, equivalent to slightly over one-hundredth of a second.

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Trimming With the WinSet Press in Cleanroom Environments

As mentioned in our previous post, Trimming With the WinSet Punch Press, our high-velocity press excels at various trimming applications. This post focuses on trimming applications in cleanroom environments.

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Punch Press Components and Accessories – The WinSet Servo Feed

Servo feeds, also known as servo roll feeds or servo feeders, are highly accurate and controllable electric motors providing the necessary force to feed the material into the punch press. Servo feeds help optimize the workflow of your press system, enabling you to efficiently produce precision parts or other components.

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Testing Remote Mode Operation With the WS6000 Controller

Our latest video provides step-by-step instructions on how to test the WS6000 Controller prior to installing it into your production line.

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Meet Us at Blechexpo 2023

Initiated in 1994 as Südblech, 2023 marks the 16th occurrence of this biennial event. Blechexpo is an international trade fair bringing together some of the greatest minds and businesses within sheet metalworking industries. This year, Blechexpo is being held at the Messe Stuttgart Convention Center between November 7th and 10th.

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