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High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Presses

The WinSet High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press is integral to your production line, optimizing your workflow while enabling you to produce precision parts and products.

The Technology Behind the WinSet Punch Press

Our patented High Velocity Electromagnetic technology implements the power of speed rather than pressure. Combining the high performance of a precision die set with 750x more ram velocity than most conventional presses, the WinSet Punch Press is the ultimate machine press for many applications.

drawing of the WinSet Punch Press
Small Winset punch press

Extended Tool Life

Conventional pressure typically deforms the punch, die, and workpiece while rapidly wearing down the tool. This degradation occurs because of the heat propagation from the cutting zone into the surrounding areas. The WinSet Punch Press only requires around a millisecond from start to finish of the cutting process. In this short time, the cutting zone forms as a narrow band, and heat generated inside the cutting zone does not have the chance to propagate into the surrounding areas. Also known as the adiabatic process, this has several advantages, including:

  • The heat remains within the cutting zone
  • A razor-thin cutting zone develops, preventing surrounding areas from deforming
  • Without deformation of the surrounding areas, no excess heat is generated, leading to a clean, burr-free cut

Any heat generated within the surrounding areas causes the material to expand, galling the edges of the punch and damaging the punch each time it pulls back out. The WinSet Punch Press mitigates the heat and subsequent deformation, providing exponentially more hits before the tool requires resharpening.

Additionally, the complete cut of the material from top to bottom finishes when the punch enters the first 10% of the material’s thickness. This reduces contact between the punch and the material, further decreasing wear as the punch does not need to enter the die.

Additional Benefits of WinSet Punch Presses

  • Operates on standard shop voltage
  • Compact size
  • Better edge quality (clean, burr-free edges)
  • Clean room compatible
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Only one moving part
metal part produced by high velocity electromagnetic punch press

Our Standard Punch Press Models and Specifications

Model Number Height Width Depth Work Area (WxD) Inch Tons Stroke (Adjustable) Strokes Per Minute
LS 01 P 22″
559 mm
254 mm
254 mm
4″ x 10″
102 mm x 254 mm
0.6 0″ to 1.5″
0 mm – 38 mm
Up to 600
LS 02 P 22″
559 mm
508 mm
406 mm
13.5″ x 13.5″
9.5″ x 17.5″
343 mm x 343 mm

241 mm x 445 mm
0.9 0″ to 1.5″
0 mm – 38 mm
Up to 600
LS 03 P 24″
597 mm
572 mm
572 mm
15.5″ x 19.5″
419 mm x 495 mm
1.0 0″ to 1.5″
0 mm – 38 mm
Up to 600

Calculate the Inch Ton Requirements for Your Application

Shear Strength (PSI)

Thickness (inch)

Linear Cut (inch)

Safety Factor

Custom Engineered for Your Application

More than 1000 LS model punch presses are currently used by customers worldwide, each custom engineered to the client’s specific application. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of industry-spanning applications, WinSet can develop cost-effective, precision-engineered solutions tailored to your needs.

See the Shear Strength Estimates of many common materials.

small metal part produced by punch press

We Have the Edge on Press Work

The innovative electromagnetic design of the WinSet Punch Press cannot be compared to any other press system on the market. Using ultra-high ram velocity (speed rather than pressure), our High Velocity Press produces the best edge quality possible with virtually any material. It uses no hydraulics, no pneumatics, and no mechanics, offering flawless operation. In fact, many of these systems are used in clean room environments to manufacture computer components, medical, and surgical products. High tool speed promotes enhanced tool life, allowing more time between sharpening requirements. Additionally, since there is only one moving part, our press systems are practically maintenance-free.