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While the WinSet High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press is the most essential component of thousands of production lines worldwide, the surrounding machinery can maximize its functionality and efficiency.

WinSet WS6000 punch press Controller

The WS6000 Controller

We are in the final phase of the production of our WS6000 Controller. Engineered specifically for the WinSet High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press, this controller conveniently fits inside a 19” cabinet rack. The WS6000 Controller overcomes today’s production challenges, incorporating features including:

  • Supervises and considers the grid voltage
  • Measures temperature of coils, enabling the maximum press output
  • All-in-one control button for easy menu access
  • Enhanced display
  • Extension slot option for additional CPU modules (e.g., for an extended HMI, visualizing and saving data on all production processes, wireless data exchange)
  • Host controller connectivity
  • Can use imperial or metric units

Punch Press Components

Each component of your punch press is selected according to your application and production output requirement.

CE sensor

New and Improved CE Sensor

Measures the velocity and closed loop feature, ensuring the same punch velocity at each stroke

Heavy Duty System Mounting Table

Improves the performance of the punch press and includes holding isolation mounts to reduce vibrations

Air Feet

Decouples the WinSet system from the ground, minimizing the influence on your production environment (different models are available to accommodate your specific system)

Protective Bushing Boots

Ensures clean-room compatibility

High Velocity Precision Die Set

Fully utilizes the work area and shut height of the press, enables you to mount your custom punch and die elements

WinSet Punch Press feed system

Feed Systems & Unwind and Rewind Stock Reels

The feed system will increase the efficiency of your High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press, enabling you to process your chosen material while utilizing the benefits of the WinSet Press continuously. Due to the extremely short time our punch presses are in contact with the material, for some applications, it is possible to create a continuous flow without stopping the feeder for each stroke.

Additionally, we can supply state-of-the-art material sensors for automation companies with complete systems.

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Upgrading Your Lourdes or WinSet Punch Press

Many of our clients have used Lourdes or WinSet Electromagnetic Punch Presses for decades. However, as manufacturing processes continuously evolve, WinSet helps you remain competitive within your industry.

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