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Support and Replacement Parts

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Presses, you can find the WinSet Punch Press within the production lines of a number of renowned corporations worldwide.

We designed and engineered our patented punch press to require virtually no maintenance. WinSet clients like ITW produced burr-free parts for nearly 20 million hits without the need to stop running for die sharpening. In fact, they do not maintain any die-sharpening ability in-house.

WinSet Punch Press Maintenance

Punch Press Operators who use them as intended and routinely keep an eye on our punch presses to ensure proper functionality rarely run into any issues. We recommend paying particular attention to the bumpers, making sure they do not loosen. Additionally, ensure all nuts and bolts are tightened and use a small amount of our ball-bearing lube on the guide pins when needed.

Replacement Parts

All IP rights for part manufacturing and distribution are with Winset.

We maintain an inventory of all replacement parts for the WinSet High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press and older models manufactured by Lourdes and Netronics. Simply fill out our replacement part request form below, call us at (800)TO-PUNCH, or email so we can provide the exact part you need.

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Small Winset punch press
WinSet High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press
Medium WInset Punch Press

Replacement Coils and Controller Upgrades

While we stock all WinSet Punch Press replacement parts, our high-grade coils are one of the most intricate aspects of our patented machinery. Our coils are comprised of copper and epoxy and are available in 16 different models. Each style comes in four different windings, adjusting the press to its specific application and the supply voltage.

In case your production demands change, we would be glad to upgrade your coil configuration to perfectly fit your needs. Especially in combination with our new controller, the WS6000, we may be able to increase the output power of your press to process thicker material or run on a higher production rate.

Our WS6000 Controller Is Compatible With WinSet, Lourdes, and Netronics Systems

Additionally, our new controller replaces both the HS3500 and 2100XA controllers 1:1

WinSet WS6000 punch press Controller
New WinSet WS6000 Controller
Legacy Lourdes 2100XA Controller
Legacy Lourdes 2100XA Controller
older WinSet / Netronics controller model
Legacy WinSet / Netronics HS3500 Controller
Replacement Part Request