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About Us

Company History

Established in 1954, Lourdes Systems initially specialized in manufacturing pneumatic, hydraulic, and fuel components.

In 1976, the new entity Lourdes Systems was created in Hauppauge, NY and began developing and producing advanced electric punch presses, pioneering our patented industrial punch press technology. We are proud to be a Long Island company. After being founded in Hauppauge, we formed subsequent locations in Islandia and Centereach. Acquired from Lourdes Systems and rebranded by in-house team members in 2001, WinSet Technologies has a long history of designing, developing, and manufacturing High Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Presses.

In 2022, Dr. Peter Sterionow purchased WinSet Technologies including all of the intellectual property rights of the company. Those correlate to building new WinSet presses, press systems and parts, and servicing all Lourdes and WinSet presses in operation. WinSet Technologies is the sole authorized distributor for Lourdes and WinSet spare parts and presses. Based on the specific requirement of each particular application we are continuously working to enhance the performance of our punch press and its components. WinSet Technologies understands the ongoing volatility of raw material availability, and we pride ourselves on providing clients with the high-quality parts and accessories that keep their businesses thriving. All WinSet components are rigorously tested for quality assurance, optimizing the performance of your production line.

WinSet owns both WinSet and Lourdes Press technologies.

Dr. Peter Sterionow

President & CEO of WinSet Technologies

Dr. Peter Sterionow is a lifelong engineer and innovator. Bringing decades of firsthand knowledge and experience, Dr. Sterionow is helping launch WinSet Technologies to the next level, building partnerships with trusted American brands while solidifying our commitment to the hundreds of industry leaders using WinSet Punch Presses.


WinSet TechnologiesWinSet Technologies

Chief Executive Officer

2022 – Present

Mercedes-Benz AGMercedes Benz logo

Cooperation Management

2015 – 2022

  • Focusing on production-related joint ventures, including the largest Mercedes-Benz plant
  • Business Analyst degree with a focus on digitalization

Production Planning

2012 – 2015

  • Leading process development projects

Manufacturing Technology Development

2008 – 2012

  • Ph.D. – Daimler AG + Technical University of Munich
  • High-velocity impact forming and blanking
  • Measurement technology for high-velocity processes to increase process reliability while characterizing the material behavior
  • Patent Applications
Peter Sterionow
Technical University of Munich logo

Doktor-Ingenieur (Ph.D.), High Velocity Impact Forming


Technical University of Berlin logo

Parallel Diploma, Industrial Engineering and Management + Mechatronics


HNU logo

Hochschule Neu-Ulm

Business Analyst

Brose logo

Brose Group

Process Management

DMG Mori logo

Deckel Maho Gildemeister Group

Quality Assurance

Volkswagen Group logo

Volkswagen Group


Dr. Sterionow was also published in the International Journal of Material Forming for his research pertaining to parameter identification of hardening laws for bulk metal forming using an experimental and numerical approach.

While working toward his Ph.D., Dr. Sterionow utilized a WinSet Press throughout his high-velocity forming and blanking research. This extensive hands-on experience benefits our clients, enabling us to provide you with the optimal solution for your unique application. Each client’s specific application is at the forefront of our thought process when building their punch press. Additionally, we integrate our in-depth knowledge of material-related phenomena when constructing the tooling, further boosting productivity.

WinSet Technologies networks and collaborates with acclaimed research groups that specialize in high-velocity impact production processes, giving us access to the latest information and correlating data. Our insight into Germany’s industry-leading forming, cutting, and blanking technologies provides you with the ideal answer to your manufacturing challenges.

The WinSet Punch Press

The WinSet Punch Press is the result of the continuous evolution and enhancement of the original Lourdes small electric punch press over decades.

punched out Lourdes punch press logo

Major Milestones

The original Lourdes small electric punch press was patented in the mid-1970s by Norman Doherty. Our High-Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press was patented in the early 1990s by George M. Meyerle, former Director of Product Development for Lourdes Systems. Then in 2005, the patent was updated by WinSet Technologies, with the addition of the constant energy feature. As a result, our High-Velocity Electromagnetic Punch Press is genuinely one of a kind.

Lourdes punch press patent
Norman Doherty - 1973
electromagnetic punch press patent sketch
George M. Meyerle - 1992
WinSet punch press patent
WinSet Technologies - 2005
green cogs eco friendly


At WinSet Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing clients with eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions. So how do we accomplish this?

Only One Moving Part

Due to the small mass of the moving part, little energy is required.

  • No hydraulics
  • No pneumatics
  • No flywheels
  • No gearboxes
  • No belts
  • No brakes
  • No clutches

No Energy Loss!

Our Patented Electromagnetic Accelerator

Because it directly applies its force to the one moving part, there is no need for excess structures or mechanics such as hydraulic systems, pneumatics, belts, or clutches. This reduces our carbon footprint during the manufacturing process and lowers your company’s carbon footprint during daily operations.

Additionally, we are continuously working to improve our sustainability. In fact, we host our website on a server with a 300% Renewable Energy Match.

We Have the Edge on Press Work

The innovative electromagnetic design of the WinSet Punch Press cannot be compared to any other press system on the market. Using ultra-high ram velocity (speed rather than pressure), our High Velocity Press produces the best edge quality possible with virtually any material. It uses no hydraulics, no pneumatics, and no mechanics, offering flawless operation. In fact, many of these systems are used in clean room environments to manufacture computer components and medical/surgical products. Additionally, our presses are perfect for the production of electronic components such as batteries and electric motors. High tool speed promotes enhanced tool life, allowing more time between sharpening requirements. Additionally, since there is only one moving part, our press systems are practically maintenance-free.

WinSet Technologies